FAQ - Rapid Jet
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What is different about our cleaning service?

At Finest Cleaning Solutions we are passionate about looking after the environment. We have made considerable investment in cutting edge Scandinavian cleaning technology that allows us to use less water, make no mess, little noise and to prevent anything from being lost to storm water. We don’t take anything and nothing goes down the drain. As a consequence our cleaning process is thoroughly effective and friendly to the environment, so everyone wins. Why not request a demonstration?

How do we use less water?

Our high pressure cleaning process recovers the water and dirt as we clean. We then filter and recycle the water back into the process.

Why does our machine clean better than the competitors?

As the dirt is released from the surface by high pressure and heat, we immediately capture the dirty water and take it away from the site for processing on our truck. Dirt cleaned by our competitors is not captured but washed away to an alternate place.

What happens to the dirty water?

The dirty water is filtered onto our trucks. The dirt is separated from the water and stored for appropriate disposal whilst the water is recycled back into the cleaning process. Ask our competitors what they do with there waste and run off – it may surprise you.

Do you use chemicals to clean?

We can clean most surfaces and applications just using water pressure and heat. If we have a difficult problem to solve we may use naturally based cleaning agents to help release the dirt. We do not use chemicals, solvents or acids that are harmful to the environment.

Can you clean oil and grease?

Using high pressure and heat we can solve most oil and grease problems. If we have a difficult stain we may use naturally based cleaning agents to help release the dirt. We do not use chemicals, solvents or acids that are harmful to the environment.

What happens to the dirt?

Unlike our competitors we capture the dirt at the point of cleaning. This dirt is then separated from the water on our trucks and disposed of appropriately at a later time.

How can you clean indoors with high pressure water without making a mess?

Our equipment captures the dirt and water as we clean within an enclosed cleaning head. Our process does not splash or spray so is very suitable for any indoor application and we can clean right up against stock or furniture and the floor can be used immediately.

Can you clean in public areas during busy times?

Yes we can. Our state of the art machines are fully enclosed with sound proof covers and are very quiet. We have less hoses on the ground than our competitors and no electrical power leads. Our equipment is highly productive and we can complete the cleaning process in one pass. We get in, get the job done and get out very quickly and with little disruption to the surrounding area. As we leave no water behind the area is immediately safe for normal use.

My business cannot be interrupted with a cleaning process, can the job be done out of hours?

Yes we can accommodate this. We have crews available to work weekends, evenings and nights. We can double up for large jobs or jobs with short access periods.

How do you prevent dirt and water from going into the storm water system?

Our machines capture the dirt and retain the water within the cleaning head at the point of cleaning. We don’t create run off so don’t have to worry about where the water is going – we know already.

When we encounter drains or complex surfaces we use drain covers or barriers to manage the water. We capture the loose cleaning water using vacuum dams on the ground and vacuum troughs on vertical surfaces – Nothing goes down the drain and we don’t use the municipal sewers for processing the waste water either.

What else do you do?

We clean floors, walls, overheads and machinery including removing graffiti. In fact we can clean just about anything.

We don’t paint roofs, seal paver’s, mend gutters or cut concrete – we just specialise in cleaning solutions and doing it in a way that has no impact on the environment. Our cleaning service is not an add on product, it is our core business and we are good at it.

Can you clean hard to reach and problematic areas?

This is our specialty and we love to solve these problems. Our cleaning heads can be used just about anywhere and we have hoses that can reach up to 100 meters. We have a range of different sized vehicles that give us easy access to difficult locations. We don’t need water, power or a disposal point on site as we are completely self-contained.