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Rapid Jet is an experienced family-run business offering pressure cleaning Geelong. High pressure cleaning is the heart and soul of our business.
Pressure cleaning Geelong
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About us

Pressure cleaning Geelong, Melbourne, Surf Coast, Ballarat and Regional Victoria

Rapid Jet is an experienced family-run business based in Geelong. High pressure cleaning is the heart and soul of our business. We take pride in providing reliable, efficient and safe high pressure cleaning services.

Our high-end Scandinavian equipment means we can reduce water usage by 98%. As dirt and mould is released from the surface by high pressure and heat, our technology immediately captures the dirty water.

This means that no dirty water is leftover to settle back into the surface. Once the dirty water is captured in the cleaning head, it travels through our suction hoses and is then separated from the dirt and mould.

Where possible, water is recycled back into the cleaning process. Our expert team assesses each job individually for the suitability of recycling water.

Protecting the environment is important to us and if we must use a chemical we endeavour to use a biodegradable product.

Our equipment is fully enclosed with sound proof covers, complying with EPA noise regulations.

Pressure cleaning Geelong

How we clean hard to reach and problematic areas

This is our specialty and we love to solve these problems. Our cleaning heads can be used just about anywhere and we have hoses that can reach up to 100 meters. We have a range of different sized vehicles that give us easy access to difficult locations. Amazingly we don’t need water, power or a disposal point on site as we are completely self-contained.

Pressure cleaning Geelong

Management of jobs out of hours

We can accommodate businesses that cannot be interrupted with a cleaning process during normal working hours. Our crews are available to work weekends, evenings and nights and we can also double up for large jobs or jobs with short access periods.

Pressure cleaning Geelong

How we clean indoors with high pressure water without making a mess

Our equipment captures the dirt and water as we clean within an enclosed cleaning head. The process we employ does not splash or spray so is very suitable for any indoor application and we can clean right up against stock or furniture and the floor can be used immediately.

Pressure cleaning Geelong

Additional services we provide

As part of our pressure cleaning Geelong services, we clean floors, walls, overheads and machinery including removing graffiti. In fact we can clean just about anything!